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    Sometimes love doesn’t lead to Happily Ever After…

    A different kind of relationship book—one woman’s journey of love, lies, and betrayal will keep you turning pages until the very end!

Meet author

L.M. Na

L.M. Na is a professional life coach who helps families put together the pieces after divorce or separation. After her own marriage crumbled, she quickly learned how devastating the effects can be on adults and children amidst a failing relationship. By helping other families cope, she wishes to guide others and keep them from making the same mistakes she made. Sharing her experiences allows others to not feel so alone in what they went through and offers a unique kind of encouragement and support she knows is needed after a break up.

L.M. wants readers to know that moving forward with hope is possible. She reminds people of their worth and encourages them to remember as they navigate life’s uncertainties. Now happily remarried with more children and a lovely blended family, she’s excited to assist other families in their own quest for happiness. With her online community, she invites others to share their unwired love experiences anonymously. Join the fun at unwiredlove.com!

About UnwiredLove Book

What do you do when Mr. Right turns into Mr. Wrong?

This honest, candid story of one doomed relationship offers plenty of wisdom, advice, and heartfelt experience. We’ve all had our hearts broken. Many of us would rather not share the details of our worst moments. But in this story, the author offers a different kind of relationship advice. Because when Mr. Right turns into Mr. Wrong…

You learn. Keep going. And never give up on love.

By addressing concerns like Is love worth it, exploring warning signs and red flags, and reiterating the value of loving yourself no matter what, this refreshingly raw cautionary tale offers a unique perspective. The authors training as a life coach allows her to better break down her experiences, the things she should have paid more attention to, and steps to make sure future relationships start—and stay—healthy.

Because you deserve your happily ever after.


Love can be thrilling, but as we all know — love can just be as injurious since not every story ends with "Happily ever after." L.M. Na, like each of us, has been on her journey of love. She's has seen the good and what counts as truly horrible. In "Unwired love" she narrates her philosophy on finding the right one and also narrates her thrilling experience with a lover who was more than he seemed.

We've all been there, we've entered into relationships and got handed the short end of the stick. In "Unwired Love" you'll learn the story of how L.M. Na got suckered for love despite several obvious signs. But, this isn't just a story about a girl who chose wrongly. Although this is a book about fear, betrayal and lies. There's so much more. This book is also about hope, growth and how you can bounce back from the deepest hurt.

There are countless relationships books out there, mostly about the "do's" and "don'ts." With this book, L.M. Na is taking a radical approach to offering relationship advice. Her book celebrates the wisdom gained from her life experience and her training in becoming a life coach. She shares that distilled knowledge in tidbits with her gripping tale of betrayal. This book provide entertainment with L.M. Na story while also provides vital lessons for going out the right way.

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